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Sustainable Collaborative Networks: Supply Networks and Beyond


Many enterprises have taken bold steps to breakdown both intra- and inter- enterprise barriers to form alliances in so call “Collaborative Networked Organizations”. Sustainable collaborative networks are nowadays gaining more attention worldwide, be it in the form of sustainable manufacturing networks, service-oriented production networks, closed-loop supply networks, pooling supply chain, among others. In fact, companies now seek to create synergies with other organizations and begin to create value chains through horizontal and/or vertical collaboration with others partners. These collaborative networks are able to cope with the challenges of turbulent market conditions in the context of economic, environmental and social pressures to achieve sustainable industrial development models.

The topic of Sustainable Collaborative Networks has been of great interest for the last decade both from academics and practitioners. Customers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the issue of sustainable development. Hence, to be more competitive, companies must optimize their Collaborative Networks, and this has been long based only on an economic approach. So today, it is evident that research is still dominated by economic and/or green/environmental issues. Social perspective and also the integration of the three objectives of sustainable development are still rare.

The goal of the special session is to showcase different approaches that aim to model/optimize Collaborative Networks not based only on economic concerns but also incorporate environmental and/or social perspectives, in line with the objectives of sustainable development.

Session Organizers


Topics/ Keywords


  • Collaborative supply chain
  • Pooling supply networks
  • Service-oriented production networks
  • Sustainable manufacturing networks
  • Re-manufacturing networks
  • Recycling networks
  • Reverse logistics networks
  • Waste management networks
  • Green consumers networks
  • Closed-loop supply networks
  • Value chains and Value networks

Submission procedure

Special sessions are included in the main Conference and follow the same reviewing process with indicated deadlines and format.

Authors are invited to submit full papers for presentation at the conference, describing original, previously unpublished work, not currently under review by another conference, workshop, or journal. Full papers should present novel perspectives within the general scope of the conference.

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